I lost one of my closest friends because of a guy

I thought about whether I should write this article or not because I know that there’s a possibility that my ex-friend will come across this blog one day and read it. But then again what do I care?

Let’s call her Chloe. Chloe hated it when I talked about guys so I never told her the full story of what happened between me and Henry. She was disgusted by the thought of someone like me actively using Tinder and going on dates or worse having sex with guys I met online. So I refrained from telling her any details as I knew I would only encounter harsh criticism and judgement. It always ended up in a massive fight, which is strange as I barely fight with any of my other friends. I guess you could call this a red flag, huh?


They always come back

On Sunday I went out with a guy who hit me up on Instagram. I took the train to his city, as I wanted to have the flexibility to leave at any given moment if I end up not liking him and we ended up drinking coffee and wine at the river until it started to rain and we decided to go to his place.


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