Stressed out

05:49 PM
Calories: 573kcal (so far, so good)
Hours spent sweating because of my internship: 6h
Hours spent being nervous: 7h

Thank god I got into every course I wanted to. I was SHAKING because I was so stressed about having to be super fast to get in. Tomorrow they are going to do some changes, though. I’m scared that they’ll throw me out again. I s2g if they don’t let me attend the courses I chose, then I’m ready to kill a bitch.

Today I messaged this big company I want to do my internship at and they told me to be patient until Monday before they’ll let me know whether I’ll get in or not. I really really hope it works out as this internship would help me to build my career. Wish me luck!

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  • Good job that you got the courses you want and good luck on your intership! I hope they would take you in but if not, don’t lose hope and look for another one, probably a better than that Fighting!

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