K-Drama Review: Age Of Youth

K-Drama Age of Youth, 청춘시대
Genre Friendship, Romance, Comedy, Drama
Episodes 12 🙁
Airing July – August 2016
Plot: University students Yoon Jin-Myung (Han Ye-Ri), Jung Ye-Eun (Han Seung-Yeon), Song Ji-Won (Park Eun-Bin), Kang Yi-Na (Hwa Young) and Yoo Eun-Jae (Park Hye-Soo) share a house. Jin-Myung is busy supporting herself financially and studying. She suffers from lack of sleep. Ye-Eun is devoted to her boyfriend, she is clear about what she likes or not. Ji-Won has a bright personality and likes to drink. Yi-Na is popular due to her beautiful appearance. Eun-Jae is timid, but she has an unique taste for men. (credit)
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Rating:  (5/5)

I am officially adding this drama to my “Favorite Dramas of all Time”-List!
Honestly, at first I wasn’t that interested in the plot and did not expect much but Age of Youth definitely proved my assumtions wrong.

The characters were unique and had a major character development. I loved watching those girls grow and overcome obstacles. Each one had a different story and background. Their friendship was refreshing and heart warming, I enjoyed that the main focus on this drama was not on love but rather their relationship.

You had some family drama but it wasn’t the typical “Oh-no-my-son-wants-to-be-with-a-poor-girl”-type of family drama. The romance was also really well done and I liked how everything ended. I do not want to give too much away but let me just say; WELL DONE!!

I was a bit worried since I know that a lot of korean dramas tend to get really bad towards the ending but luckily Age of Youth was not one of them. I’m sad they only did 12 episodes, I’d rather have 60+ 😀
Oh well, in germany we have this saying:


K-Drama Review: Beautiful Gong Shim

K-Drama Beautiful Gong Shim,  Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim, 미녀 공심이
Genre Romance, Comedy, Drama (?)
Episodes 20
Airing May – July 2016
Plot: Love story of two sisters and two men. The older sister has everything, including a beautiful appearance, and the younger sister only has a warm heart. One of the men lives on a rooftop apartment and the other man comes from a wealthy family. (credit)
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Rating:  (2/5)

Why did the writers of this show ruin everything? Whyyyy……

When I first started watching Beautiful Gong Shim I was really into it. I couldn’t wait for the weekly episodes to air and loved everything about it. The characters were nice, especially the male lead and Gongshim was loveable as well, despite her ugly wig. They also did a nice job at building up the love story between the two main characters but then it just kind of went downhill.

Yes, of course Beautiful Gong Shim had the typical cliché love scenes like the oh-no-look-at-me-i-drank-too-much-now-i-need-a-piggy-back-ride-home-from-the-person-i-like and the oh-no-look-at-mee-i-cut-my-finger-now-the-guy-i-like-has-to-put-a-bandage-on-it-because-i-can’t-do-it-myself. But I didn’t mind that.

What really started to bother me was the extremely boring family drama. A lot of it didn’t even make any sense.. And frankly speaking, I didn’t quite finish Beautiful Gongshim. I was so bored with everything that was going on in this drama so I ended up skipping through the last 4 episodes.


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