7 Day Juice Cleanse Experience & Results | -3.6 kg / -7.9 lbs

Around last year I did my first 6 day juice cleanse and let me tell you, it definitely wasn’t easy. I remember saying “I won’t be doing that ever again” yet here I am, aiming for a 7 day juice cleanse. I think it’s wild that my weight is almost the exact same; I am 168 cm tall and I started out with 74.7 kg / 164.7 lbs.

My main motivation is to get rid of my sugar cravings. I have a huge sweet tooth and have been struggling with a Binge Eating Disorder almost all my life. It doesn’t help that I have also been diagnosed with Lypedema, meaning losing weight doesn’t come easy to me and I also want to change my diet into an anti-inflammatory diet. I hope that this 7 day juice cleanse will help me shred a few extra pounds and reset my body & soul to change my eating habits for good. (more…)

Review: 6 day juice cleanse

The Day Before: I ate horribly. You are supposed to eat meals that are light on the stomach and easily digested. I think I am just going to raw-dog it tomorrow and hope for the best. My toxic trait is thinking a juice cleanse will fix my entire life and definitely not trigger my binge eating disorder but instead help me kick start a healthy diet. We’ll see how it’ll turn out.


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