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’tis the damn season

So far this lockdown has really been killing me. I can’t remember a time I felt this mentally unstable and emotional. I gained weight, as gyms have been closed for almost two months now and my eating disorder has been acting up. I can’t control my portions and I can’t get the motivation to move my ass and actually work out at home because I hate it, always have and always will.


Another Heartbreak

I’ve been dreading to write this entry because it’s a pretty recent heartbreak that happened to me. In my previous post I mentioned Henry (I changed the name for privacy reasons) – this is our story.

It all started out as a distraction to get over Konor. My best friend and I were drunk swiping on Tinder and she swiped him for me, it was an instant match. We ended up messaging him a lame pickup line to which he responded immediately. He asked me to hang out right now. I then mentioned that I’m with a friend and if he wants to set up a spontaneous double date. His roommate was free that night and the four of us met up at a bar near my apartment.


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