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Not a Love Story

I just started as a working student at this big company in a big new city which was about half an hour of a drive from my home town. At work I ended up meeting a bunch of interns and other working students at events and gatherings hosted by the firm.

One day, we had another so-called “intern lunch meet-up” where you were able to network with a bunch of people. I got introduced to Max and Konor (I changed their real names to keep this post anonymous). Max was very outgoing and started talking to me about Ariana Grande and other celebrities. Not going to lie, I know this is very stereotypical of me but at first I thought he was gay for sure. Konor in comparison wasn’t that interested in talking to me, even though we also hit it off from the very beginning. I remember wanting to talk to him more and that I instantly thought he was cute.


The future of this blog

I don’t really know what to do with this blog anymore. Clearly I’m not cut out to blog every other day, I’m just a lazy bitch… I was thinking about turning into a blog à la Carrie Bradshaw where I talk about my (less juicy) dating life? Or another idea was to turn this into a kpop and celebrity diet review blog?


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