2017, a fresh start?

My old domain used to be unnie.net. When I set up my blog I didn’t realise that since I’m not korean, I shouldn’t be using the word “unnie” as a domain. Also Irevealed my true identity and ended up feeling uncomfortable with posting personal thoughsetc. This lead to my blog being inactive and me regretting my decisions.

{ I let all my Affiliates know about the url change– I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. }

I decided to go for redvelvet.cc because lately, I’ve been really getting into the k-pop group Red Velvet. Also, I love the aestetic of this domain and then there’s red velvet cake. Amazing. Originally I wanted to register jellyjoy.net, but apparently that’s a lube brand. So yeah, there’s that.
I thought about going back to my oldnicknameRan, but then I thought that a fresh start includes a new nickname as well. Since the whole concept of this website is inspired by Red Vevlet I thought Joy would be a nicechoice. She’s my favorite member and since I wasn’t able to register jellyjoy that would be a nice alternative.

I don’t kow if the Shoutbox works properly. If you are using WordPress, it should be fine. If you are a logged out user and try to leave a message and put in your website, the message won’t send for some reason. If you leave out your website it works though. I don’t know what to do about that I hope I find a solution soon.

Other than that there’s nothing new. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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  • Hi Joy! Please to meet you
    I love RV as well Currently addicted to their Russian Roulette XD and RV domain is so cute!
    Welcome to your new fresh start! Hope you find comfortable with everything now
    And I added you as my affies! Yay!

  • Thank you for letting me know about your new domain~! Yeah, I can understand about privacy, but in the end, I’m happy you’re back! Glad you’re getting a fresh start, and I did update your link! Yay!

  • Congratulations on your new domain! I think red velvet is a great choice. I don’t blame you for changing your name, sometimes I question whether I should be using my actual name.

    I’m so happy for your fresh start

  • New starts can be refreshing Though by you not being Korean, I didn’t think anything was wrong with you using “unnie” as your old domain. That’s like saying if you’re not from one of the English-speaking countries, you can’t have an English domain. As someone who’s part Korean herself, I didn’t think it was odd at all for you having Unnie.net. But I do understand why you want to change identity. So I hope this works out well for you!

    P.S. — My blog is at Aigoo.me — the old URL redirects it, but it will not always redirect it.

  • Hi Joy!
    Thanks for leaving a comment in my cbox. I wasn’t able to reply back in your shoutbox because the message wasn’t sending. But yes, I’d love to exchange links! I’ll add you to my blogroll~
    Are you able to use a third party comment box, like cbox?

    I love your new sitename! And your layout is absolutely gorgeous!
    I didn’t think it was weird that your old sitename was Unnie! But to each their own.
    It’s kind of similar to my situation — my old blog name was Faded Aeterna, but I felt like I needed a fresh start. Hence why I came up with 4am~

  • Yes, sehr gerne! Trag dich gleich sofort ein

    Auf eine sch繹ne Partnerschaft!

    Irgendwie schickt die Shoutbox meine Nachricht nicht ab D:

  • LOL at your bio “*kim bok joo voice* swag!” I love it!

    As a Korean-American, I didn’t think it was weird for you to use “unnie” at all! But I like new starts as a way to refresh yourself and your blog and sometimes changing your blog name can help. I did the same to my blog a year ago.

  • No problem! I just used the embed code they provided and it worked for me.

    Oh nice! I wasn’t sure people remembered me from my old blog!

    Thank you so much!
    You’re so sweet omg. <3

  • Congrats on the new domain!~ Not a problem at all!

  • Ohw, warum war dir das unangenehm, pers繹nliche Dinge zu schreiben? >:

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