My Juice Fast Experience

I was able to do my juice fast for 5 days. I wanted to do 7 days minimum but I just couldn’t take being hungry anymore. Online everyone said it should get better after around 3 days and that you won’t be feeling any hunger at all anymore but boy, I WAS STARVING! On the bright side it did help me to get rid of my Coca Cola Zero addiction. So that’s something, right? After all I used to drink 2l a day. Yeah, it was intense. Now I only drink 2-3l sparkling water a day!

This juice fast also helped me to kick-start my “healthy lifestyle”. I work out again and I eat my veggies 6 days a week. Day nr. 7 is my Cheat Day, where I can stuff my face with chocolate. I feel like that’s the only thing that works for me. I tried every diet there is from high carb low fat vegan to low carb butnothing but simple calorie counting & cheat daysseemto be effective. I always failed to stick to those strict diets.

With summer approaching I’m struggeling more and more with my body image and eating habits… but that’s a whole nother blog post. I hope everyone reading this is feeling good and has a great weekend!

I’ll make sure to check up on some of my affiliates asap since I’ve been kind of busy the past few days!

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  • I wish I could do this but I hate veggies and love sugar too much XD I dislike honey or any added additive. Regardless, I am proud of your for doing this and getting your health back on track! May it continue going well for you!

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