losing your beauty with age

TW: I’m being kinda dramatic in this short post.

I am terrified of aging. I feel like ever since I turned 26 and stopped restricting my food, gave in to binge eating and let my Lipedema get worse, I lost my beauty. I used to feel attractive and desired, but now I hide away at home because I gained weight and find it hard to maintain the strict diet I used to follow when I was younger. I feel like your 20s are supposed to be your best years, yet here I am wasting the last year before I turn 30 and I let myself go. Again.

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  • I’m 37 and I feel what you are saying, I think part of the issue is it is hard to see anything real like Hollywood doesn’t cast anyone with a realistic standards especially on women, they don’t hair older women and when they do they are photoshopped, caked on make up, or with plastic surgery. There is no aging gracefully there. I think that media and in away for me family as put these unrealistic standards on us and we are expected to carry them.

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