i need to do some changes. i feel like i have to many online personas too many accounts too many blogs too many websites too many domains. i dont know why i have the sudden urge to get rid of everything. i won’t delete this blog nor stop updating, no worries (no one probably cares anyway but oh well) but i do need to think of what i want to change and how.

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  • Sometimes changes are good to get rid of things we don’t really need and to start fresh. Fresh starts are ALWAYS a good thing, I think. I would be sad if you deleted this blog since I really like it and following you on your journey doing whatever. Your topics are quite inspiring I think and I like reading about you and your life. I support you girl! Also I never have a lot of personas online personally I try to just keep one. I think for me it be hard having a lot or websites I’m on. I’m a minimalistic person so a few makes me happy.

    I was thinking even though you and some others didn’t notice I left, but I might give it one more go at it but do it for the “right” reasons than doing whatever comes to mind. I think for me I was swamped on trying to be a good blogger and that seem interesting to others online. But I know realize I don’t have to be “good” at it just doing what I love and what I feel strongly about. My main focus on my new blog will be my healthy living/weight loss/ mental health state. Than before doing whatever. If I personally focus on that I think I will be happier with my outcome with my blog. People like it or people don’t no biggy to me. Hope you will like it when I get it set up and still like to follow me.

    As for making changes do what “you” Feel is right for “you” in the long run. As I stated before I support you no matter what, and I wish you all the best on whatever you decide. Please take care and talk to you again soon.

    Sending you good vibes your way~<3

  • I care! I would definitely miss your blog if you’re gone but I always say – you do you! If you need some time off, then you should take it. Sometimes it’s nice to take breaks. If you do decide to make changes, I’m looking forward to what those changes might be!

  • Understandable. Do what you think is right for yourself. Just do you and everything will fall into place.

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