Justice League literally wants some justice

9:44 AM
Calories: 209 kcal
Bank Account: -54,32
Fees to pay for downloading a movie I didn’t even watch: 915
Reasons to keep on living: 0
Hours spent freaking out: 0
Hours spent feeling sorry for myself: 6 hours

I think most people would’ve killed themselves by now if they experienced half the stuff I have been through. Honestly, I feel like lately there are more bad things happening in my life than good ones. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a nice life and I appreciate everything I have. But I can’t help but compare myself to other people in my surrounding. Most of my friends do not have any money problems, they have a functional and loving family and everything seems to be going smoothly. Yes, I know, everyone has their own struggles and not everything is what it seems but hell, I doubt that anyone is experiencing shit on the same level as I have been experiencing it.

Yesterday I got a warning letter of this law firm for downloading Justice League illegally and they want me to pay a fee of 915. Yeah. I know. I didn’t even watch the damn movie..
My mom contacted a lawyer and we’ll see how things turn out but honestly, I have no luck at all so my guess is that I will have to pay the whole amount – which is impossible for me as my balance is negative ATM and on top of that I will be getting even less money starting next month because my job is cutting everyone’s hours.

The funny thing is that I didn’t even cry at all. My theory is that after everything I’ve been through in my life, this is just another bullet on my long list of suffering. I feel like I have accepted my fate; the universe just didn’t want my life to be easy and smooth.

Other than that I still don’t have an internship. I’m waiting to hear back from several companies and it’s driving me crazy since I have a deadline to meet. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I end up not getting an internship at all? Sounds like something that would definitely happen to me.

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