dating in your late 20s

Dating in your late 20s is a curse. I feel like it only gets worse. One day you think you’ve met someone worth spending time with and the next day you see them at the gym, talking up another girl and ignoring you. Here’s to getting ghosted!

The other day I’ve had the best first date of my life. He was funny, charming and I thought he was attractive. For the first time in ages I didn’t want the date to end and spend all evening with him. He bought me drinks and brought me home, I had a great time. Today I went to the gym (which we both go to) and I noticed him talking to another girl. He then proceeds to sit on some leg training machine right in front of me and ignores me. I was a bit overwhelmed with the situation so I ended up ignoring him too and switched to training arms instead of legs so that I could avoid him. I was anxious and my heart was beating so fast. I’ve spent the entire week fantasizing about seeing him again and now this is my reality? When I went up to the stairmaster to do my cardio at the very end of my training he continues to walk right in front of me several times just to ignore me. Again, I ignore him back. He hasn’t messaged me back since yesterday and I can feel myself getting ghosted.

After that encounter I felt miserable about myself and it made me want to never put myself out there again. However I forced myself to go outside for a walk to touch some grass and I decided that I’m not going to let this experience be my last one (even though the ones before that have been pretty disappointing as well though).

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