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Today was a disaster. Ever since I found out I have Lipedema I have been on a spiral, eating everything in sight because I know that after the surgery I most definitely need to give up all inflammatory foods. Needless to say my head keeps thinking “I need to enjoy this while I can” as I continue to eat a shit ton of chocolate.

My 1st surgery (hopefully I don’t have to do a 2nd one) is in October and the doctors are allowed to remove around 3l of ill fat max so I thought it would make sense to slim down until then. However, I’m not sure if I can manage to keep a diet. People around me always want to go out to eat, always want to grab lunch, grab dinner etc and I am so tired of finding excuses not to go. I am aware that it’s a me issue and you don’t have to be perfect all the time when dieting and can go out to eat or drink occasionally, but I tend to always have that All-Or-Nothing-Mentality.

I am just so tired. Then again, I am on my period right now…

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