Review: 6 day juice cleanse

The Day Before: I ate horribly. You are supposed to eat meals that are light on the stomach and easily digested. I think I am just going to raw-dog it tomorrow and hope for the best. My toxic trait is thinking a juice cleanse will fix my entire life and definitely not trigger my binge eating disorder but instead help me kick start a healthy diet. We’ll see how it’ll turn out.

Day 1: My cat kept me up all night and I went to the office sleep deprived and, what’s even worse, without any coffee. I didn’t feel that hungry throughout the day but now that it’s around 9 PM my stomach is growling, begging for food. I have one juice left for today, hopefully that’ll help. Honestly though, I have to admit that I am really excited for this challenge (I almost called my fucking juice cleanse a “journey” just now… I need to stop consuming so many TikTok videos). My starting weight is 74.8 kg (164.9 lbs) I gained around 7 kg (15.4 lbs) since Covid hit, I was expecting it to be more, to be honest.

Day 2: The entire day went fine. I tried to go for a walk outside but it was so humid I couldn’t force myself to walk the route I had actually planned so I decided to call it a day and just go back home. I watched the movie based on the novel “The Hating Game” and holy moly, I have never felt more single. 10/10 would recommend if you enjoy the enemies to lover trope. As for my hunger it was actually pretty manageable. I decided to make “pretty water” using limes, mint and cucumbers and putting them into water with ice cubes to give it some flavour that really helped. Right now it’s almost 8 PM and time for my last juice of the day, and I have to be honest, I am super hungry right now.

Day 3: I weighted in out of curiosity and I am currently at 73.3 kg (161,6 lbs). I was SO hungry today I had to drink some broth to feel more filled. Tomorrow it’s Monday and I’ll be at the office, let’s see how that’ll turn out.

Day 4: Today I barely felt hungry. My father who I haven’t seen in 13 years showed up at my office and the guy from the reception called me and asked me if he should let him come upstairs. I said no. I honestly don’t know how he found me and I felt uncomfortable and unsafe.

Day 5: I am still at the same weight I was on day 3, which is kind of demotivating. I feel weak and I was dizzy throughout the day good thing I was at work and could kind of distract myself from all the cravings.

Day 6: I feel like my body rejects drastic weight loss. I am at 72.9 kg (160.7 lbs) now and I just fucking miss eating. I think I am going to stop my juice fast tomorrow. I don’t feel motivated and the actual goal of curing my bloated stomach and feeling lighter is already accomplished.

Conclusion: I wouldn’t recommend doing more than 3 days to get the effect if you consider juicing to help with bloating. It’s definitely enough time to get the full effect. I only finished the full 6 days because I paid for all the juices.

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