Diagnosis: Lipoedema

Ever since I hit puberty thoughts of losing weight and dieting have been part of my daily life. I have tried every single diet on this planet; military diet, vogue diet, paleo, high carb, high carb vegan, low carb, atkins, iu diet, calorie counting, over exercizing and plain starvation you name it. All my life I was either starving or thinking about wanting to starve in order to lose weight.

The other day, when I was at the gym and climbing stairs I started to analyze my body in the reflection of the mirror next to me. I realized that I am pretty content with my upper body. I am neither too big nor too skinny, I have ab lines when I am not bloated and I have strong arms and I look like I have an average weight. My main issue is my legs. Even when I was considered skinny, I was having trouble to lose weight on my legs. No matter how much I trained legs neither cardio nor weight training was having any effect on them.

I read up on what might cause this and started to get the impression that I might suffer from Lipoedema. “Lipoedema is a long-term condition where there’s an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the legs, thighs and buttocks, and sometimes in the arms” (read more on nidirect). I read through countless articles and watched videos on it and it seems like the only long-term solution is liposuction.

Yesterday I went to specialist on treating Lipoedema and talked to the doctor who is going to perform the surgery. He confirmed that I am indeed between stages 1 and 2 of Lipoedema and explained the procedure to me. In total the whole thing will cost me round about 8.000

Unfortunately I am horrible with money so I will probably have to take a loan in order to pay for it but I want to go through with the surgery. I have thought about this for a long time and this condition has been something that has effected me not only physically but also mentally.

I will keep you updated on the whole process

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  • I think is crazy how many of us women have had similar thoughts of weight lost, dieting, and etc from a young age, I remember doing the aktins so many times as a teen and young adult, and over exercising and just not eating the day before weigh in while in the Navy to make weight because they told me I was fat and I needed to lose weight. I’ve heard of lipoedema, mostly from the show My 600lbs life, I really didn’t know much about it though. I’m glad to hear you have a plan to work with this, and I hope that your procedure goes well!

    • Yeah kind of sad to think most women go through the same body issues Sorry you had some bad experiences as well, I also tried atkins so many times 咯 Yup, lipedema sucks but I’m looking forward to getting the surgery!

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