I lost 3.4 kg/7.5 lbs in a week without starving myself

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that I need to do strength training in order to increase my metabolism to lose weight I’d be able to pay for weight loss surgery by now. I tried that. I went to the gym 4x a week, building muscle and watching what I ate, yet the scale didn’t budge. So I went back to doing cardio and guess what? I finally managed to lose some weight.

I haven’t been feeling great the past couple of weeks. My weight increased and I felt like I was back to my old habits of binge eating. I didn’t feel confident and I was angry at myself for “letting myself go”. I was getting dangerously close to my highest weight, which I had always vowed to never reach again.

Last week I’ve finally had enough of pitying myself. Inspired by our weight loss queen Kim Kardashian’s words “Get your fucking ass up and work” I decided to go back to my old plan: Cardio and good old calorie counting.

I eat around 1200 and 1600 kcal a day, depending on how hungry I am and I do an hour of cardio 4-5 x a week now. And guess what happened? I finally lost some weight! In total I lost around3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs in a week and even though I am pretty sure it’s partially water weight, it feels good to see the scale go down for once.

I feel motivated to continue my journey and I can’t wait to feel good about wearing dresses again. Although admittedly I do end up craving sweets or snacks in the evening, I haven’t acted on those urges yet and keep telling myself “You can eat that tomorrow”. In the morning, if I still crave the snack, I will eat it.

I know I am only at the beginning but I am determined to finally reach my goal. I need to prioritize taking care of myself.

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  • Nicely done on the weight loss I have mega bad sugar cravings. I’ll be good for a week and but as soon as I have one sweet, I will inhale the entire bag within a blink of an eye and not even notice. Fruit has been helping get my sugar fix lately. There are some drawbacks to doing cardio only (https://plunkettfitness.com/pros-cons-cardio-only-exercise/). I also read that cardio after weight training is ideal to burn fat/lose weight. Keep up the great work and take care

    • hi sasha, yes i usually try to do at least a little weight training as well but i hate doing cardio after 咯 i usually like to get the main part of my workout done before doing weights. but it makes more sense to do it after, thats true hahah also feel u on the cravings. i probably gained all of the weight had lost back bc ive been on vacation and indulging

  • I’ve heard that about weight loss as well, and I do mainly do cardio and I feel like that has been successful for me personally, I’m sure others have different experiences though. I was at my highest in January and tbh I can’t even say what that exactly was because I didn’t weight myself or calorie count for about 1-2 ish weeks after I started my health journey. My cravings have mostly been noodles, pasta, and chips lol, and I been mostly eating single servings of chips, and just being really good at portioning pasta, and noodles. What is crazy is I’ve tried calorie counting before a few times, and this has been the one that is stuck, idk why it was so hard for me before. Good luck with your journey, I’m cheering you on!

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