twenty eight

God, I am officially 28 now. Can you believe that I started blogging and learning how to code over a decade ago?? I believe I was around 15 when I first discovered how to set up websites with HTML/CSS and started to blog. Time really flies.

Whenever it’s that time of the year again and my birthday’s around the corner I start to reflect on who I want to be as a person. Lately I’ve been noticing that I am still not quite there yet. One thing I really want to change is me being an open book. I tell everyone about my business and have this overwhelming need to overshare. I wonder where that is coming from…

Also I have my surgery coming up soon. I’m not scared yet however I do feel a bit uneasy thinking about it. Did I make the right decision when choosing my surgeon? Is it going to be worth it after just one surgery? I have seen so many women needed a second one…

I just realized this entire entry is a bit random and frankly speaking I don’t eve know what the point of this post is..

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  • Suzy! same feeling i just turned 28 in Sept too lol im not where i want to be yet at all also overshare but only online lulz
    hope you’re doing well and also i freaking love your site so fun to be here

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