yada, yada, yada

10:05 PM
Calories: probably 6,000 (I’m not exaggerating – I honestly think that I ate around 6k kcal today)
Weight-loss this week: Nothing, steady weight (fml)
Love interest: 1 (?)

Okay. Today was a mess. I ate a shit ton of crap because guess what: low carb is not working for me. Nothing is. But I don’t really want to whine about my Eating Disorder in every damn post I make so let’s just move on.

I am not happy with the kind of person I’m becoming. I noticed that ever since I made new friends at university I started to gossip so much more. I absolutely love drama – always have – but I hate that I tend to talk badly about people I don’t like. I don’t want to be like that so I decided that I’m going to work on that.

This week this super big international company I applied to contacted me and informed me that they would like to offer me an internship. Sadly, I had to turn it down as I have already signed with a luxury hotel chain. Part of me is sad that it didn’t work out with the big company but on the other hand, the luxury hotel chain offers me more money, is also represented internationally and I have free food in their cafeteria. Apparently they’ve won Germany’s Top Employer Award 9 times in a row and they also do a lot for charity. The interview at the luxury hotel chain was more comfortable in a way, too. I feel like I clicked with the other employees! I’m really looking forward to my first day in September.

I just chose the categories for this blog post and I can’t believe that I actually ticked the “Love Life” Category. Honestly, there isn’t even much to say other than that there is this tall guy who’s come to my attention lately. I’m not really getting any “He’s interested in me”-Vibes from him, though, so it’s kind of pointless to get more into it. Plus I don’t want to fall for someone new yet. I like being alone, I like just having to think about myself and I like not having to worry about relationship stuff. It’s nice, I feel like I can breathe again after being in a relationship for 2 years. I don’t want this to be over yet.

I do miss sex, though – let’s be real here.

Karma is treating me well

11:19 AM
Calories: 863 kcal
Weightloss on Low Carb: -2kg in a week (aaaaamazing!)
Days until my vacation: 16

[Friday 25 April, 9 p.m.] Am going to open a bottle of Chardonnay and watch Friends.

This is from Bridget Jones, by the way. Man, I wish there were more books of this series, I really enjoyed reading about her life. But well, basically this is going to be my Friday except that I’ll be drinking diet coke.

A lot has happened the past few days. I managed to get a really good username and ended up selling it for $600 (520)! Can you believe it? People actually spend that much real money on this stuff. I bought a ton of new clothes (I made some great deals!!!) and put some of the money aside for my vacation at the end of May.

After binging for a week straight I decided to go Low Carb as I still need to get rid of the last 4kg. I eat around 1800kcal a day now and I like that I don’t have to starve in order to lose weight. We’ll see how things progress. Should I do a review of this diet, too?
The hardest part is not being able to have any sweets, I have a huge sweet tooth. Damn…

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I got the internship at the luxury hotel chain! I’ll be earning double the amount I’m earning now, starting in September. Finally good things are happening!! Being shit on by a bird actually did bring me luck ^^


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