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I can’t believe how long it has been since I had last gotten laid. Sometimes I truly feel like there is something wrong with me. Since my last ex there has only one guy I was interested in and he wasn’t that into me so it didn’t lead to anything. Am I being too picky? The only reason I want to sleep with someone again is because I am scared that I have forgotten how to do it.

I barely leave my house except for when I go to work or to the gym, dating apps are the only way for me to actually meet someone but then again I think 99.9% of the men on there are not my type but then again you can only really get a vibe when you actually see them in person. You see what my problem is?

Honestly, I need to chill.

I think another thing that kind of stressed me out is my newly single friend who’s life now only revolves around dating and guys. I feel pressured whenever we talk (which obviously is a me problem) but also I hate when boys is the only topic you can discuss with one of your friends. Isn’t there more to life? Yeah, I know kind of ironic writing this while simultaneously writing a post about wanting to get laid. I don’t even know what my point is, I guess I just wanted to rant…

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