Diagnosis: Lipoedema

Ever since I hit puberty thoughts of losing weight and dieting have been part of my daily life. I have tried every single diet on this planet; military diet, vogue diet, paleo, high carb, high carb vegan, low carb, atkins, iu diet, calorie counting, over exercizing and plain starvation – you name it. All my life I was either starving or thinking about wanting to starve in order to lose weight.



Last weekend I had somewhat of a mental breakdown. I know I’m going to sound like a conceited, ungrateful brat for saying this but I realized that I accomplished everything I ever wanted – I have a job that I love and that pays well, I don’t work long hours, I finally have a cat, I have great friends, a small car, an amazing and affordable flat in the city center and I fixed my mental health struggles (for the most part) – but is that supposed to be It?


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