When life gives you lemons

I appreciate everyone’s comments on my post about my Binge Eating Disorder, but I really do not want to seek any professional help. I feel like the only one who can get me out of this cycle is myself. Also I don’t think I’d feel comfortable talking about this to someone in real life..

But let’s change the subject.

Today was my last day in uni for this semester. I had to hold a presentation and it went pretty well, I think. I still have to write 3 papers and hand them in, though. I feel exhausted just imagining myself writing them..

Work has been stressfull. Apparently I keep messing up and my boss isn’t really happy about that, of course. In the past few days I’ve gotten at least 4 emails regarding me making a mistake. Normally I wouldn’t care but the thing is; I depend on that money. I have to keep this job to pay rent, food, etc.
Let’s hope I won’t get fired. I have to admit that I wanted to look for a different job anyway. I want to gain some experience in my field and do something new. I’ve wasted too much time in this hellhole already.

To talk about something more positive, I’m not broke for once. Wow, who would’ve thought that I’d ever be able so say this but I managed to save up a little something.

Luckily I sold a few usernames on this website named Tungle /hint hint and I got over 300€ just from that. People are crazy for spending such a huge amout of money on these things. But well, I’m definitely not complaining.

Other than that nothing much is happening in my life right now. My boyfriend and I went to see Wonder Woman the other day and it was great! I love strong female leads! I find it interesting how different DC Movies are from the ones Marvel usually does. I feel like DC focuses on your classic image of a superhero “I have to protect the city! I believe in true love! etc etc etc.” whereas Marvel is trying to be rather modern and funny? But then again, what do I know.

Do you ever regret befriending someone? Part II

Wow. I don’t even know what to say. I haven’t been this annoyed by someone in a very long time. I talked about my “friend” B in one of my previous posts. Since it looks like this whole friendship-thing is becoming a never-ending struggle, I decided to turn this into a fun little series of blog entries. Whoohoo!

You can probably tell that I’m not in a good mood. Why do I always attract the weirdest people? If there’s a room filled with 99 perfectly normal people and 1 utterly annoying person, the chances that I’ll befriend the annoying one are a 100%.

Distancing myself from B

I followed everyone’s advice and tried to distance myself. I sent B a message and told her that I do not enjoy listening to audios (especailly when they’re 1 hour long). I also said that I don’t think friends need to talk to each other every. single. day. I tried to be as polite and nice as possible, since I know that she’s very sensitive and a pro at over-thinking.

I guess being super nice was the wrong move. She actually had the nerve to reply to me with an audio message. Now, maybe thats just me… but if someone tells me that they hate audios, I would freaking stop recording them? And I would feel bad for annoying that person?

Not B though, not B. She hit me with 6 minutes and and 27 seconds of trying to explain that she wants to be my friend and didn’t realise how pushy she had become yada yada yada. A simple “Okay got it” would’ve been enough.

The aftermath

I don’t like having people over. My flat is pretty small and the only thing you can sit on is my bed. I don’t even a big kitchen for cooking, either. Basically there are no fun activities you can do at my place except for binge watching TV Shows and movies. Therefore I rarely have friends at my place and shocker; I hate people inviting themselves over.

Today B sent me a message going “So when can I see your place?:)”.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say she’s one of those fuckboys trying to get into my pants. Is she being serious? How many hints does this girl need?
After I called her out on that she replied with “It was worth a shot ;)” and then she sent me a list of dates when she’s free and asked me to visit her instead.

Guys, I’m this ? close. I’m trying hard to not lose my shit and yell at her to leave me alone but the temptation is getting stronger with every message.

I should probably give Yoga another shot.

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