Do you ever regret befriending someone? Part II

Wow. I don’t even know what to say. I haven’t been this annoyed by someone in a very long time. I talked about my “friend” B in one of my previous posts. Since it looks like this whole friendship-thing is becoming a never-ending struggle, I decided to turn this into a fun little series of blog entries. Whoohoo!

You can probably tell that I’m not in a good mood. Why do I always attract the weirdest people? If there’s a room filled with 99 perfectly normal people and 1 utterly annoying person, the chances that I’ll befriend the annoying one are a 100%.

Distancing myself from B

I followed everyone’s advice and tried to distance myself. I sent B a message and told her that I do not enjoy listening to audios (especailly when they’re 1 hour long). I also said that I don’t think friends need to talk to each other every. single. day. I tried to be as polite and nice as possible, since I know that she’s very sensitive and a pro at over-thinking.

I guess being super nice was the wrong move. She actually had the nerve to reply to me with an audio message. Now, maybe thats just me… but if someone tells me that they hate audios, I would freaking stop recording them? And I would feel bad for annoying that person?

Not B though, not B. She hit me with 6 minutes and and 27 seconds of trying to explain that she wants to be my friend and didn’t realise how pushy she had become yada yada yada. A simple “Okay got it” would’ve been enough.

The aftermath

I don’t like having people over. My flat is pretty small and the only thing you can sit on is my bed. I don’t even a big kitchen for cooking, either. Basically there are no fun activities you can do at my place except for binge watching TV Shows and movies. Therefore I rarely have friends at my place and shocker; I hate people inviting themselves over.

Today B sent me a message going “So when can I see your place?:)”.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say she’s one of those fuckboys trying to get into my pants. Is she being serious? How many hints does this girl need?
After I called her out on that she replied with “It was worth a shot ;)” and then she sent me a list of dates when she’s free and asked me to visit her instead.

Guys, I’m this ? close. I’m trying hard to not lose my shit and yell at her to leave me alone but the temptation is getting stronger with every message.

I should probably give Yoga another shot.

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  • haha I love how you’re keeping us updated!

    She sounds really stubborn and actually kind of forward. My next step would be to slowly stop responding to her texts lol. I do this sometimes and people then ask me, “How come you never respond to my texts?” And I respond with, “I don’t really like texting” or “I don’t really like using my phone” And give half-hearted responses and maybe she’ll get the hint??

    Has she stopped sending you audio messages after that 6 minute one?

  • This person really can’t take a hint. I think remaining honest is the best thing you can do.
    I would just straight up tell her, “I’m sorry, but I cannot be your friend.”
    Stop replying to messages and listening to her audios. I’d change your number or unadd/block her on social media too. I know it might be rude, but this is harassment. She’s making you uncomfortable and you’ve asked her stopped politely. I know shielding her feelings is important to you, but sometimes you have to just be brutally honest. I mean, you don’t have to go into details about how annoying she is, but you should be honest with your feelings.
    I hope it works out. <3

  • Oh my god, she sounds so annoying! I would’ve ignored her and blocked her on everything already. D:

    I do hope she’s being more considerate of your feelings after you called her out on everything. I’m hoping for the best for you two!

  • Sending an audio message to answer a text that asks specifically not to send any? Either she’s petty or just bloody clueless.

    You know, I’ve always been the passive aggressive type. I’m like the stereotypical tutting British person. But one time I told a friend straight away that he was a condescending asshole and I had no interest in further communication if he wasn’t going to change. He apologised and changed. I guess what I’m saying is you can’t be nice to some people.

  • You told B you wanna be left alone some days and need some space in general, yet not only she didn’t get the hint but wants to visit?! More than a boy trying to get into your pants, this seems borderline-stalking behavior to me.
    Being polite never gets the message through to this kind of people; don’t be afraid to be blunt, sometimes you have to hurt a friend to make him/her see they need to change. That’s what turns normal friends into true ones.

  • Probably B is feeling lonely she really finds you comfortable with. Does she have problems? But something’s off and it’s too much that I would be really annoyed as well. I don’t think talking to her will help since she still insist on everything with you. i don’t know what to do either. I’ll just ignore her probably XD

    To answer your title question btw— YES, I have a lot of times I think I shouldn’t have made friends with them or so but at then end of the day it’s just my anxiety hits me hard. I’m still good with my friends but not they way we were before 🙂

  • I’ve had to break up with a close friend before. It can take awhile before things settle down. She left me strange voicemails at my work. Texting me that she knew I was home because she drove by my apartment and saw my bedroom light on….etc…

    I stopped all communication with her, un-added and block her from my social and pulled away from mutual friends who would report back to her.

    It was not easy, I hope this passes soon for you!! Good luck!

  • I think at this point, she isn’t getting the message so tell her, that you don’t want to be her friend and stay firm on it. Tell her if she harasses you, you will get the cops involved. That’s really the only way to do it. I’m sorry 🙁 Sometimes people are clingers and need to be told straight up to stop. Good luck!

  • :/ Sounds like she’s being stubborn. So sorry to hear this. I do hope she will leave you alone soon and get the hint. It must be pretty frustrating!

  • Omg, that sounds terrible. The girl could not read a clue if it were written in 100pt in front of her lol.
    I hate to judge but she does seem overly-friendly. I’m glad that you confronted her and didn’t let her step on you. Friendship is always a two-way street.
    I also had the same experience in college, like the girl just decided we would be bffs because we always sat next to each other when our professors want us in alphabetical order. Eventually, she realized I’m not as into being her friend as she was being mine.
    I hope yours realize it too soon enough!

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