Quick life update

  • Uni is keeping me busy as HELL
  • I’m no longer calling myself a vegan
  • I decided that I want to code some Tumblr themes soon
  • My boyfriend and I haven’t fought in a very long time. I’m happy.
  • They stopped showing 2 eps of The Simpsons on german television. No one wants to see ANOTHER Big Bang Theory episode………
  • I want to lose weight
  • Really badly….like…super badly
  • I cut my hair and colored it dark brown
  • My friend is getting married on the 20th

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  • That’s weird because my aunt is getting married on the 20th as well! It’s okay. I am glad that you’re alive at least. School can keep someone very busy. Remember fighting onto itself isn’t bad but how and what is said is that matters.

  • I think Uni for most people keeps them pretty busy and hope your doing well there as well. :3
    Very happy for you you do what you want and feels is right for you, and if people judge you for that there not worth your time. Happy for ya girl I support you in whatever you do!
    Awesome Can’t wait to see them!
    That’s good your good with your boyfriend once more and that your happy.
    Ah The Simpsons good show sorry there not airing it some countries do that I think i read somewhere once..
    Girl I’m with you there still struggling myself to lose weight..
    Well take it slow and don’t push to fast.
    Pretty, my hair is short as well growing it out to medium length once again but its taking forever..
    Aw, congrats to your friend.

    Over all good to hear from you again please take care dear~<3

  • Joy!! For the most part, life sounds good with you ^~^ I’m actually TRYING to be vegan :p I figure 100% is probably not ideal, so adding meat/fish 2-3 times a week will probably be how I amend that endeavor.

    I agree, no one wants to see anymore big bang theory hahaha. i’m waiting for the next season of vikings to air >~<

    I also need to lose weight T.T' i haven't been working out as much as i'd like but i've definitely been eating more than enough. what're you planning to do? it's getting really hot here but i'd like to start running i the mornings to get my stamina up so i can get back to lifting.

    Hope to hear from you! happy things are well with you <3

  • seems like things are going good in your life. yay <3

  • Sounds like life is being “life”, with pet peeves and happy things pretty fairly balanced; I’ glad to hear that.
    Congratulations to your friend.

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