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On monday my momand I watched Meryl Streep’s movieJulie & Julia. It’s about this girl named Julie who’s blogging about cooking because she wants to be like her idol Julia Child. It kind of made me reflect on this blog. I feel like I haven’t found my niche yet and that I’m just randomly posting something whenever I’m bored. But maybe that’s my niche? Right. No, I know that my blog is neither interesting nor entertaining and my writing capabilities are below average.

This made me think again. Okay, so my blog isn’t really something people would want to read probably, but that’s okay? After all it’s still my blog and I can do whatever the hell I want to do with it. For example, this entry is so pointless butwho cares??

I do kind of feel like I’m letting down my affiliates. I’m so bad at replying to comments. I know a lot of blogs have“leave a comment occasionally” as a requirement to exchange links and since I haven’t been doing that recently I’d totally understand if some of you guys don’t want to have me listed on your blogroll anymore. You can just remove me, I won’t be mad, I totally understand!

I’m considering to start daily writing again. Just me, talking about my daily suffering. We’ll see.

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  • I think blogs don’t have to have a niche at all. You do you! Your blog is your own personal space to do whatever you want with it.

    I also don’t think you should be “required” to leave comments. My view on this has changed a little over this past year. It’s nice to leave comments on people who have took the time to comment on yours but every blogger has their own offline life and it’s okay to leave the space whenever you want to. I have been a bit lazy leaving comments so I also feel kind of bad :/

    Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts!

  • I heard and seen that movie too, I enjoyed it a lot. That’s nice you also saw it with your mother as well. I know how you feel, I feel the same about my blog. I know I’m still “newish” to the whole blogging world or site making and never too sure on what to post next. If I get views its nice to know but comments would be nice as well. If people want to comment. But its not like I need one right away, just be nice to get one every now and then is all. I don’t think your entries are boring/pointless I think there pretty good to me. Also professional in my eyes.. WAY better than mine. True, I speak my mind a lot and tell it how it is and how I feel. But never think its that “good” My life is also different than others so don’t have too much to offer but then who does? I mean everyone is different and thats a good thing, I think. Just wish I had just a little better stuff to write about and share about to others about my life and myself. But I guess I’ll get over it just takes time no one is prefect. People either like it or don’t. It can’t be helped. Well my thoughts on that anyway. But I wont take you off my list if you don’t post as much just post and write when YOU feel its right to post and share something. It’s not like we all have to have it done on time. Should be fun and not stressful when anyone blogs or owns a site. Do what you love. But if maybe your still having iffy feelings take a break no harm in that. I said I was going post every Wednesday this month but not fully sure on that. Nothing too much comes to mind to write about. I will when I’m ready. I’m glad you shared this btw. Inspirational to me, sorry if thats weird of something just how I feel. Not many people talk about how the feel and need more of that. Need more realness in the world. Well sorry for the long message. Just showing I care and that I read your entry’s. Please take care and have a good rest of the week my dear. ~<3

  • I haven’t seen that movie but I love getting looks into the lives of my fellow friends and bloggers. I think if you wanna do it, then do it. In the end, you will thank yourself for being true to yourself and the idea of this blog.

  • damn, i just love your blog even though you think that your post is pointless ? i really enjoy the chill and random posts going on here, especially dem kpop & kdramas post;);) afterall, it’s your blog anyways. you do you boo ?

  • Don’t worry too much about replying to affies. I didn’t even know that was a requirement. I always thought linking was enough.

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