Bridget Jones is actually me

13:13 PM
Calories: 300 (so far so good, I just had a healthy breakfast)
Number of hours slept: 4 (not so good, I feel exhausted)

So I decided to switch things up and turn this into a journal la Bridget Jones. I’m currently reading the the books and I fairly enjoy this style of writing. Also it’s scary how much I can relate to her… We’ll see if I’ll keep this going or revert back to my usual boring-ass way of posting.

Yesterday I had the genius idea to drink coffee at 5 PM and I ended up staying up until 6 AM. I feel like death.

I also started to watch Red Velvet’s Joy’s new k-drama ‘Great Seducer’ and it was honestly so bad. All the characters were predictable and lacked any sort of dept. The storyline seems very far fetched, too, but I think I might continue it, as there are no other good dramas airing ATM. Sad.

Later today I’m going to watch ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel’ – that is if I can manage to stay awake. God, I hate not getting 8 hours of sleep.

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