A boring-ass sunday

2:38 PM
Calories: 5 Million (v bad)
Hours spent thinking about my non-existent relationship: 5
Hours spent hating myself for eating so much today: 2

Gah, what a weekend. I didn’t do anything besides working. Honestly, I’m so bored of being alive ATM – when I say I’m bored of being alive I don’t mean it in a suicidal way I am just tired of everything because nothing exciting has been happening lately.

I feel like I should do something productive with my time but I just can’t bring myself to move my ass. Also it’s getting really hot, I hate warm weather because there’s nothing worse than being sweaty and smelling badly.

I should probably go for a run today, we’ll see if I feel like it. My cold hasn’t faded completely yet, so idk if I should risk it. Also I’m lazy.

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