We broke up

A little over three weeks ago my boyfriend and I broke up. He confessed that he manipulated, lied and emotionally cheated on me with someone else and refused to put in the effort to make this relationship work. So I left.

I don’t want to go into detail about what happened but I am heartbroken over how badly someone who claimed to love me treated me. I keep replaying memories in my head and I keep comparing myself to the other girl.

I wrote him a letter stating everything he has done to me and I told him to go to therapy to get help as he can’t seem to be able to deal with his emotions by himself.

Considering what happened, I am doing alright. I just feel this weight on my chest and I am disappointed that I had given Henry another chance. If I had known he lied his way into a relationship with me, I would’ve blocked him before he would’ve had the chance to ruin everything once again.

I think the worst part is knowing that another girl was involved and frankly speaking, it is really hurting my ego and self esteem. I used to be a really confident person but right now I just don’t feel good enough and pathetic.

Also I turned 26 last week. So there is that.

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