Dating Someone New

So after my sad, sad break-up with Henry in September I ended up in a friends with benefits situation with someone I had dated a while back and ran into at my gym. I’m going to be honest; the sex was just not it.

He didn’t go down on me and in retrospect, I don’t think found him that attractive to begin with. I ended it after a few dates and told him that I think we’d be better off as friends as he was leaving to move to Spain anyway. After that I hung out with him platonically before he left and I realized that we don’t really click at all. Weird how you start to see things clearly once you take off the Horny Glasses.

After that I had a one night stand with a guy from Tinder. He was a hotter version of my ex Henry and honestly, the sex was pretty good. I didn’t go on any further dates with him, though, because I could already see myself getting attached to him and he had too many red flags (and Crazy Eyes). At least I finally fucking learned from my past mistakes, right?

Once I felt I was over hooking up with random guys with no strings attached, I decided to go on Bumble and only swiped on guys who were looking for a relationship. So I met Theo.

Theo is a sweet skater boy with nice hair and a good sense of fashion. We met a couple of times now and from what I can tell he seems to have quite some issues with himself, which he’s taking care of though as he is actively going to therapy (which we love!). He made his intentions clear from the very beginning, which was quite refreshing and so far he treats me well. I’m not sure where this will go yet, as I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle a guy who hasn’t found himself yet but I do really like him so we’ll see. He’s very cute.

I want it to work out.

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