Being selfish

I keep feeling stupid for being upset over a guy not wanting me and moving on quickly because he never cared while I poured my heart into whatever we had. But I do realize that I didn’t do anything wrong.

I communicated openly and whenever an issue came up I confronted him and when I realized this isn’t going anywhere, I left. What more can a person do? It is normal to give someone you have feelings for a chance and it is completely normal to not know everything or to be optimistic things will turn out well when you get to know someone new. Shifting my perspective means to acknowledge that after all the shit I went through, I was able to still open my heart to someone and to trust. Hopefully that didn’t change after this entire bullshit of a situation.

Instead of overthinking What is he doing? Is he already with someone new? Will he be the perfect boyfriend for the next girl? I should shift my focus back to myself. How can I improve my own life? Something that is really important to me and that I neglected the past 2 years is my fitness and overall health. I stopped cooking healthy food ever since COVID hit and when gyms closed down I gave up and indulged in food. I try not to blame myself, after all we are living through a pandemic and for a long period of time, our entire lives changed. Still, I want to get back on track and I am going to take action in a healthy way because I want to be good to myself. I will feel all my feelings and I will process them without being toxic.

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  • Being vulnerable with your feelings is very difficult. Sorry to hear about this situation. Its never easy, but remember that its nothing you did. Someone will see you and think you are perfect. πŸ™‚

    Your blog is really lovely! Would you like to exchange links?

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