All by myself

calories 1500 kcal approx. (alright but it’s only 1PM), hours spent watching tv 10h (bad bc I’m not done yet), human interactions 0

I remember back when I started this blog I used to format my entries like Bridget Jones as she partially inspired me to create this blog. Looking back I can’t believe has been online since 2017 mind you I have been blogging way before that as well. When I was younger it started out with a classic diary in form of a notebook and a pen and that slowly transformed into an online journal. Kind of cool that I never stopped this habit of writing down random thoughts.

Today, just like yesterday, I am home alone, watching TV all day while simultaneously browsing through the internet on my Mac. Although yesterday my cat was keeping me company, today he’s sleeping in a different room.. probably because I annoyed him too much. I read that cats can hold a grudge for up to 16 hours.

I keep telling myself I’m not really sure why I’m in such an anti-social mood but if I’m being honest to myself I know that it’s because I don’t feel comfortable in my body right now and just want to hide away. Why is eating my favorite activity?

So here I am, spending my entire weekend alone, with no plans and basically no human interaction at all. To be fair, I am still on my period and that makes me extra cranky and sad.

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