A good week

The past few days have been very nice. On Valentine’s Day my boyfriend came over and brought me special vegan chocolate and a handmade flower. We ended up watching the movie “Prime“. Sadly the only good thing about this whole movie was Meryl Streep. The evening was really nice though. Because my boyfriend had an exam the day after, we will be going to an All You Can Eat Sushi buffet on saturday. I can’t wait to eat those mochis ahhh

Usually when I’m home and wasting my time on Tumblr I listen to Arirang Radio. I think they are a radio station based in Korea andthankfully they always speak english! It’s really calming to listen to them.My favoritepart of the show is Sound K with DJ Leah! The other day I sent her a reply to one of her questions via Twitter and she retweeted it and read it outloud on the show!!

Another good thing that happened was that I finally got a username I always wanted for myTumblr. I’m very active on there and I’ve been trying to find a URL I’m going to stick with since forever. My previous one used to be @wjsn,which is now a sideblog dedicated to the group. The one I’m using for my main blog now is @blackpink. I never thought I’d get this url since the previous owner of it didn’t reply to anyone asking them on their blog.

However I messaged them on theirInstagram and asked nicely about it and she actually ended up letting me use it. Yay me!

The only thing bothering me this week has been myfriend B, who I talked about in my previous post. I’m trying to distance myself, but it’s harder than I thought. Sigh.

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  • omg all you can eat sushi! that must be scrumptious <3

    i hope keeping your distance with that friend is working out. if it doesn't, maybe ignoring her often and give you some space to breathe will do. after all, she needs to stop being clingy and learn how to handle herself, right. good luck for it

  • My thoughts exactly! Mochi!!! I keep meaning to go to the Mochi Bar they just put in Whole Foods, but I keep putting it off. But it’s something that remains on my list of things to do. That and find a new Sushi place. The one my boyfriend and I go to near his place is closing down. T-T So now we are on a quest to find another good place.

  • omg at your friend still leaving you audio messages lol sounds like your words went through one year and out the other >.>

    I’ve seen Arirang before don’t they have some type of broadcast too? That’s cool that you can listen to them! I’ve always wanted to listen to a Korean radio station – I wonder if the other ones are available to listen to?

    (also ooooh black pink)

  • Arirang reminds me of a song Arirang Alone covered by So Hyang. She’s SO good. On a side note DJ Leah is really pretty! I have a new crush.

    How do you get all these canon handles after canon handles wtf

    I don’t know the situation enough to throw a judgment but I think it’s good that you’re distancing yourself from her! I know I would be too chicken to do that.

  • Yay for having a good week. Sorry to hear that Prime wasn’t that great, but yum at the sushi!

    Ahahahaa! Arirang I don’t listen to them, but I know of them and used to watch a few things on their TV channels.

    Yay for getting the username you want. That’s nice of the previous owner to respond back and let you have the username.

    Boo for your friend issue, though. It is definitely hard to distance yourself from people. :/ I hope that issue gets better for you!

  • Wow, I’m sorry about it being a hard time but believe me, it’s worth it but regardless! It seems like you had a great Valentine’s Day! Woot!

  • Love your Tumblr usename, it’s very girly-cute.

    Read about your friend B….I hear you, sister. :/
    I hate clingy people….because I really don’t have the patience to handle them, no matter how good persons they are: I’m not a very assiduous friend to begin with, I can go weeks without seeing and/or talking to my friends (we just text each other) then we can “hang out” like we saw the others the previous day – my friends are like that too; that’s why I don’t really get those who glue themselves to your back short of meeting them and say you’re best friends when we barely know each other. It’s really annoying and an invasion of my personal space.
    Just ignore most of her messages, reply to a very few of them, and maybe go out with other friends as well; those should be nice/kind hints clear enough to make her understand.

  • Congrats on being featured on that radio show and snagging that URL! I’m glad you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day. ^^

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