happy new year ✨

I spent New Year’s at home with my cat, watching romcoms and eating an absurd amount of protein bars because I didn’t get any sweets from the grocery store earlier that day. I stopped going out and partying on New Year’s ages ago because I always ended up drinking too much, making out with some random stranger or embarrassing myself in some other way. Staying in has become my new tradition and I love it.

Recently I started wondering if I’m lying to myself because I keep thinking “I am perfectly content with my life”. But am I? Why is my imposter syndrome kicking in?

A couple of months ago I was mourning my last situationship and all those feelings about my ex boyfriend Henry (you guys know I slightly changed the name for privacy purposes), which I had been suppressing very successfully until then, started to arise. I suddenly found myself crying over him, reminiscing about the past and those fun moments we shared. Thankfully that also passed and now I am doing good. I have a great relationship with my mom, great friends, a cute cat at home, I’m good at my job, enjoy what I do, I get paid well and I started to travel more to experience new things. The only thing that isn’t a 10/10 in my life would be my relationship with my body and food which I still struggle with. I feel like this will always continue to be a struggle for me, sadly.

But I am happy.

So for 2022 coming to an end and 2023 starting, I was thinking about my resolutions:

  • Money: Learn how to take care of my finances – big issue I need to fix
  • Body: Go to the gym 4x a week and stay consistent to build the habit of working out again.
  • Travel: See more of the world.

And that’s all. Let’s see how it goes and I’m wishing everyone who actually read this far a Happy New Year ✨

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  • I just stayed in as well, I was reading on reddit when the new years happened lol. I think sometimes society’s in general expectations of what it expects of us gets to us even if we know we are happy. Like I’m in my 30’s most of my friends from my job, the navy, & school all are either married, divorced, or in relationships and have children. I know I don’t want any of that but society expects me to have already been on that life path, so that can be hard to deal with. With past relationship-ishs or the past in general I think after sometime it is easy to stop looking at it objectively and look back at it in nostalgia, and back with them rose colored glasses on. I’m glad you got past that. I think you have some great goals 🙂

  • Happy New Year! I hope you, your cat, and your mom have a great one and good luck with your resolutions!

  • I can’t remember the last time I went out for new years. We spent a nice Christmas with a Fondue with my parents and then spent new years watching TV my husband and I. My husband, my cats and my family are my lifeline. As you get older I think partying and going out just becomes more of a chore and less fun. You have some great goals for new years. Mine this year is just to survive it. I might set some goals a bit later when I am doing better.

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